Palm Oligo is a Malaysia incorporated company with its principal activities involves investment in green technologies and energy producers that are related to renewable energy and clean development. The company holds a portfolio of proprietary technology that significantly improve the economics of pyrolysis of biomass streams. These advancements are essential for the creation of clean energy alternatives to traditional oil and fossil based fuels. By bringing together the leading pyrolysis experts from South Korea with more than 10 years of research and development experiences, Palm Oligo have created a rich, patentable pipeline of efficiency enhancements.

The company offer economically viable total solutions to the interrelated problems of declining oil and gas reserves, greenhouse gas emission and global warming. By combining our proprietary technology with proven production solutions we are building distributed, clean energy production networks for our customers and stakeholders.

Our solutions, all focused on using renewable bio-waste resources, help the environment through proactively managing under-utilized biomass stream limiting CO2 emission and providing effective carbon sequestration.

As global concerns over declining oil and gas reserves, greenhouse gas emission and global warming increase, our economically viable solution will continue to grow in the exponential values.

Our future is being built on our rich source of proprietary technology, bio-fuel solutions for sustainable renewable energy growth, pipeline of continuous productivity, efficiency enhancements and mover products.

A sustainable business model coupled with exclusive collaboration with reputable R&D and technology & engineering partners has positioning Palm Oligo to be the market leader in the sustainable renewable energy industries internationally. We offer a valuable investment in a high growth market with excellent near term return potential.

OUR Vision

To provide the leading technology platform for converting the world’s biomass wastes into clean energy for the sustainable growth of renewable energy in a healthier environment.


  • To deliver successful total solution through proprietary pyrolysis technology for the power, district heating and renewable energy development.
  • To deliver top class services provider and achieve customer satisfactions through continuous improvement on quality, health & safety, environmental and timely delivery of products and services
  • To forge a new economic future that transforms biomass waste management concerns into an energy generating solutions
  • To continuous invest and develop innovative solutions that are economically viable and environmentally sustainable
  • To enhance stakeholders’ values with corporate social responsibility

To provide the leading technology platform for converting the world’s biomass into clean energy for the sustainable growth in a healthier environment, and provide sounds to customer satisfaction with positive returns to the stakeholders, always strive for an ‘all-win’ relationship with business associates, and improve social economy by continuous contribution towards global growth and clean development