Fast Pyrolysis Process 
  • A fast thermal decomposition of biomass and organic compound in the absence of oxygen to produce liquids, char and gas

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Pyrolysis Bio Oil 
  • An alternative to fossil fuel replacement derived from oil palm and other biomass wastes that can be used in district heating, furnace, power plant, and renewable energy related applications
  • Our core investment lies in the proprietary enhanced pyrolysis bio oil technology development through exclusive collaboration and technology transfer with renown Korean R&D Institutions and Universities research centres
Bio Char  
  • A renewable finely ground, carbon rich and charcoal like product that can prevent leaching of nutrients from soil, increase the available nutrients for plant growth, increase water retention thus reduces amount of fertilizer requirement, and provide a means of sequestering carbon
  • A combustible syngas composed primarily of carbon monoxide, carbon dioxide, methane and hydrogen that can be used to provide energy for internal process and renewable energy sources
  • We have worldwide business with strategic trading partners and direct manufacturers  providing a wide range of oil palm products such as palm kernel shell, palm pellet, palm briquette, empty fruit bunch, palm fiber, palm kernel cake and wood pellet, and wood briquette etc


  • At the production front, our capability not limiting solution provider in crude bio oil offtake to the stakeholders both on local and International market demand
  • We provide integrated project management and operation management from in-house pyrolysis project to innovative renewable technologies
  • As One stop centre, we provide total solutions from capital investment to full implementation on pyrolysis project and any other innovative green projects that augment well for the sustainable growth in green development